Tapered Knob

The tapered knob provides players with optimal control of the bat, while maintaining the bat’s weight balance.

Lizard Skin Grip

The A9BBCOR-3 comes standard with a Lizard Skin from the factory. Lizard Skin grips provide superior grip and control during the swing.

BBCOR Certified

The A9BBCOR-3 is BBCOR Certified for high school and college use.

2 5/8 Inch Barrel

Seamless construction and ring-free barrel technology offers the best performance available to high school and college baseball players. The A9BBCOR-3 has the largest available sweet spot of any BBCOR Certified bat while still providing players with an ultra-light swing weight.

Matte Finish

Unlike most bats on the market, the A9BBCOR-3 has a matte finish giving it a gritty hardened look.